What is Trulioo?

Trulioo is the third-party service The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) uses to verify the identities of our users.   

To protect The MLC Portal users from fraudulent activity, we verify all information provided by potential users at sign-up before granting account access by running it through a “Know Your Customer (KYC)” check. See more information on the KYC check below.  

The USA Patriot Act requires certain businesses to review and verify the identity for each user associated with the specified account. The type of government issued identification used, number and expiration date must be recorded and may be used to further verify the customer’s identity using third-party sources. In addition, our representatives will make and retain a copy of this primary identification.  

If you’ve received a notification that verifying your identity is required and you are unable to verify your identity, your account will be placed on hold until your identity can be verified. Please note that royalties will not be issued while your account is on hold.  

Deliberately uploading falsified documents is a crime and violators will be permanently suspended. The MLC may report to the authorities users who attempt to send forged or falsified documents.