What are the different types of permissions?

Actions you can take now depend on your user permission. There are three types:  

Super Users can manage permissions and Member information. They also have full visibility and edit access into catalog management, as well as reporting functionality.  

Finance Users can manage tax and banking information for a Member and have access to reporting functionality.  They cannot view, edit or create works.  

Copyright Users can manage the catalog by viewing, editing and creating works and view Members.  They cannot see User Permissions.


If you are a Super User, you may add other users. However, if you are a user and want to add a Member, you will need to go through the identification verification process first. To do this, follow these directions:

  • Click on the blue circle in the top right-hand corner with your initials and select Profile.
  • Under the “Account Info” section, click Get Verified. This will run a verification check to verify your information. 
  • Once verified, you will be able to add Members.