What is the payment "snapshot"?

What is the “snapshot”?

The “snapshot” is a capture of The MLC’s works database for a given month.


When can I expect to see the royalties from the snapshot in my statement?

The snapshot is taken on day 10 of The MLC’s 75-day monthly distribution cycle.

For example, the last day of January is the 31st, so 10 days after on February 10, The MLC takes the snapshot of the works database as it is in January. Then January royalty payments will be distributed on day 75, which is April 15.


Why does The MLC use the snapshot?

As works are continuously being added to and edited in The MLC’s works database, allowing the snapshot to capture data 10 days after the month ends provides the most up-to-date view of each work’s copyright “picture.”

The consistent monthly view of the works database ensures each Member to be paid for the same timeframe, as well as allowing for any last-minute changes to works that may not have had time to process before the month ends.