Please follow the steps below to access your statement:

  1. Login to The MLC Portal. 
  2. Click the blue View Member button, which will take you to the "Member Summary" page. 
  3. Click Statements under the “Royalties” section in the left-hand side menu. This will take you to the "Royalty Statements" page.
  4. Select the payee and usage period from the drop-down menus at the top. 
  5. Click the blue Continue to Download button. 
  6. A menu titled Select Download Options will appear along the right side of your screen with options of format and file types to download the statement in. These options include:

Format Options:

  • Work Summary – This format provides royalty data summarized at the musical work level and will show one line of data per DSP for each work.
  • Royalty Detail  – This format provides royalty data corresponding with the individual sound recordings contained in DSP usage reports and shows every instance of a played track. For example, if a work has 5,000 plays, there will be 5,000 lines to show each play.

File Type Options:

  • Consolidated – This file type will combine all selected data into one file. 
  • Individual – This option will preserve separate files for all selected data. 

7. After you have selected your statement format and file type options, click the blue Download button. 

8. An email with the downloadable statements will be sent to your inbox. Click the blue link in your email to download the statement to your computer. 

        PLEASE NOTE: This link expires after 15 minutes. If it expires, simply repeat the steps above to re-download.