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Registration Status 

Sorting Works 

Viewing and Editing a Work 

The Registration History within your MLC profile allows you to view all works you have registered and their status for up to two years. Two tabs on the left-hand side separate works into Pending and Processed. Read below for actions you can take within each tab.  


Registration Status 

In the upper right-hand side, you will see a color-coordinated status key showing how many works you have with each status. 

Submitted: We've received your work submission and we're working on the data matching. 

Accepted: The works you registered have been matched and are successfully registered within The MLC database. 

Rejected: A work may be rejected for two reasons – the work is overclaimed, or there was an error in the work’s submission. For more information, please contact The MLC via email here or by phone at (615) 488-3653 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Central Standard Time, or Saturday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Central Standard Time. 

Superseded: If you resubmit a work (either to correct a data error or to update shares or catalog information on the work), this status will show to note it is replacing the previous registration and this new information will be used moving forward.   



Toggle to either the Pending or Processed tab to sort by the works with those statuses, then select the “Sort By Work” checkbox on the right-hand side to sort by specific criteria. Click the drop-down menu in the “Work Title” box, and select the criteria you wish to sort by.  

You can search for a specific work by selecting the criteria you want to search by in the drop-down menu and entering the corresponding information in the search box. For example, if you select to search by “Work Title,” you would enter the work’s title in the search box. 


Viewing and Editing a Work 

To view more information about an individual work, click “View” on the far right-hand side of the work. This will take you to a page where you can review Work Details – information for the work including U.S. Copyright number, writer and publisher information, etc. 

To edit this information, select “Edit” in the upper right-hand corner. This will allow you to make edits to each field. After you have completed your updates, scroll to the bottom and select “Submit.” Once the work is accepted, a status of “Superseded” will display on the Registration History page, meaning the work has been saved with new information that replaces the previous information.