You should be registering works in The MLC Portal if:  


To begin, click on the blue View Member button on the home page of the Portal - this will take you to the “Summary” page. Click “Catalog” from the menu on the left-hand side, then select the blue Register Work button in the upper right-hand corner. Under “Register Work,” there will be a drop-down menu with the options to register either an individual work or use file upload for multiple works. Make your selection and you will move on to the next page.


Before registering a new work, you must first conduct a search to make sure it is not already registered. This prevents duplicates and increases the accuracy of matching data correctly – matching data is critical to being paid correctly and on time.You will see a search box on the far right of the screento search for your work by title, IPI number, or other criteria. If the work is not already in The MLC Portal, you can continue registering. Select the blue Create New Work button at the bottom right of the page.  


When registering an individual work, you can select to use the wizard which gives step-by-step help through the process, or skip to filling out the form directly.  


You will need the below information to register it as a new work:   

  • Publisher’s share percentage 
  • Names of the publisher and writer(s) 
  • Collection percentage for administrator 

Please note: Members only need to register the publisher’s share for the works they own the rights to. For example, a self-administered songwriter is only required to register their share. Likewise, a publisher or administrator will only register the share of the writer they represent. 


If you have any additional questions about registering your works, please reach out to The MLC Support Team here.