A letter of direction (LOD) authorizes a music publisher or administrator to administer rights to musical works, including licensing and collection of royalties on behalf of the copyright owner.  


You can find information on how to create an LOD by searching online.


For The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) to implement an LOD instruction, any existing claims to the underlying music works must be relinquished by the current publisher or administrator. 


The MLC also strongly recommends completing a Catalog Transfer Notification Form in addition to the LOD. This form will help provide all the additional information required for transferring the catalog and ensure your request is processed as timely and accurately as possible. You can download the Catalog Transfer Notification Form via The MLC website here.


Once The MLC receives the LOD, we will forward it to our Publisher Services department to complete the process. They will send a request for relinquishment to the relinquishing party, and after this is confirmed, the works will be moved to the correct account.